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Testimonials for Sue Michaelsen

"I am retired Army, with two combat tours and
diagnosed with PTSD.  As I continue my training
in Tai Chi and Chi Kung, my anxiety attacks,
nightmares and flashbacks have become few
and and far between.  I cannot put into words
how much my teacher has guided me through
this emotional journey.  Her joy, compassion
and commitment to Tai Chi and Chi Kung are
second to none."
Terry Scofield, US Veteran

"I was having knee pain before the classes...
Tai Chi made me aware of the alignment between
my knees and my toes...
knee pain has completely
Tai Chi has given me awareness of my
movements.  I plan to keep practicing Tai Chi to
continue all the benefits." 
Nicki Carter


"I attended a Tai Chi Class at Rockford University.
I had lower back pain and felt relief even after
the first  class.  I love what I've learned and use
it to strengthen my core, increase my energy
and stamina, as well as to reduce overall stress."
Gale Wallace


"In spite of arthritis and being in my sixties, I
leave Tai Chi Classes physically and emotionally
revitalized, feeling the best I've felt all week!"
Peter R. Nagle


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