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Sue Michaelsen
Chi Kung & Tai Chi Descriptions

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Rock Valley College Bell Campus
3350 N. Bell School Rd, Rockford IL 61114

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Descriptions
(pronounced Taiji) is especially good for anyone
wanting to improve Sports Performance, for
Veterans to relieve and manage PTSD and stress
 and for seniors to feel younger, longer.
Daily practice of Michaelsen's bi-lateral Tai Chi
training is designed to improve mind and body
health and fitness.  Tai Chi practice can be used
to successfully relieve
and assist chronic pain
improve balance, comfort and flexibility. 

Chi Kung
(pronounced Chee Kung) combines postures and
slow movements with breathing that for 1,000's of
years have improve balance, energy and circulation.

Internal Martial Arts for Health & Healing
Teacher Certification

150 Hours of Private Training in
Therapeutic Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Fan and Sword.


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